Action to Aid Carpatho-russian Jews Launched in London
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Action to Aid Carpatho-russian Jews Launched in London

Action to forestall complete economic collapse of Carpatho-Russian Jews, who face loss of their trade licenses under the Hungarian anti-Jewish laws, was taken here today by the Emigration Aid Committee for Carpatho-Russian Jewry.

The committee intervened on behalf of the Jews, who came under Hungarian rule with the break-up of the Czechoslovak Republic, with the Hungarian Minister here and also cabled appeals to Premier Paul Teleki, various Cabinet heads and the provincial governor of Carpatho-Russia, urging extension of licenses held by Jewish shops and businesses.

Under the Hungarian anti-Semitic legislation the licenses expire May 1 and are not to be renewed. Execution of the measure is expected to have disastrous consequences for Carpatho-Russian Jews, whose economic position is already serious.

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