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British Policy on Refugees Hit; Formation of ‘european Legion’ Urged

The New Statesman and Nation today termed the Government’s treatment of the refugee question a “scandal” and urged that the entire problem be reviewed by the Government.

The periodical demanded that a “sane policy” be instituted by the Government with regard to the question and recommended a program along the following lines:

1–Organization of a European Legion comprising Austrians, Germans and Czechs to fight the common enemy;

2–Appointment of a special Undersecretary for the Home Office to deal with the question and establishment of an advisory committee to assist him.

The magazine Spectator also attacked the Government treatment of refugees, asserting that the policy of general internment and even deportation of proved, notorious anti-Nazis was harsh, uneconomic and dangerously calculated to drive humane Englishmen. to hostility against the Government.