No Future for Young Jews in France, Paris Paper Warns
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No Future for Young Jews in France, Paris Paper Warns

A warning to French Jewish youth that there is no future for them in that country and that they must establish their lives elsewhere is contained in an article published today in the newspaper La Gerbe of Paris.

The author, Robert Saisset, points out that in addition to the Jewish bourgeoisie, “who belong in concentration camps,” and Jewish capitalists and “international plotters,” who “merit death,” there is the Jewish youth “that we all have known and among whom we even have friends.”

“The duty of every Frenchman is to make clear to them that their efforts to remain in France are vain; there is no longer any future for them in France,” Saisset declares.

“There can be no local solution of the problem. It will require a European solution because it is a European problem. You must understand, Jewish comrades, and remember that it is a question of a European solution. You cannot combat it. Neither gold nor blood, nor the Fifth International, can help you.”

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