Wallace, in Acceptance Speech, Hits Nazi Racialism
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Wallace, in Acceptance Speech, Hits Nazi Racialism

A strong indictment of Nazi racialism coupled with a reaffirmation of the traditional American principles of tolerance and religious freedom was included last night by Henry A. Wallace in his address formally accepting the Democratic vice-presidential nomination.

Against the “dark and bloody faith” of the Nazis in their “materialistic religion of darkness,” Wallace said the New World “set the faith of Americanism, of Protestantism, of Catholicism, of Judaism.”

“Our faith,” he added, “is based on the belief that the possibilities in an individual are not determined by race, social background or wealth. We believe in the maximum freedom which can be obtained without anarchy or intolerance. Democracy is the very heart of the religions which have the largest following in the United States. Democracy and Americanism are identical. Both are utterly opposed to totalitarianism, with its exaltation of might, its suppression of freedom and its claims to racial supremacy.”

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