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Magazine “time” Serves Notice It Wants No Anti-semitic Readers

The magazine Time served notice today that, emulating the examples set by President Roosevelt and Republican presidential nominee Wendell Willkie, it “wants no readers who cultivate race hatreds.”

The announcement was published in the current issue of the magazine in the form of a reply to a letter by two Pennsylvania readers cancelling their subscriptions with the assertion “Our poor stomachs are no longer strong enough to handle Time. You can have Jew Beaverbrook, et al. we still believe America worth saving from this holocaust for Americans–not British.”

“Just as neither Franklin Roosevelt nor Wendell Willkie wants anti-Semite votes, so Time wants no readers who cultivate race hatreds,” the magazine replied, adding that Lord Beaverbrook was not a Jew but a Presby tertian descended from a ling line of Presby teians.