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Rumania Seizes Jewish Farms, Gives Them to Refugees from Ceded Areas

A sweeping decree forbidding Jews to own or administer farm land and transforming all such land into State property was in effect in Rumania today.

Jewish farm lands and the swellings on such property will be taken over with their entire equipment and livestock by the state. Occupants must leave their land and homes immediately. The property will be turned over to Rumanian refugees from Transylvania, Bessarabia and the South Dobrudja, areas Rumania recently ceded to Hungary, Russia and Bulgaria.

Exemptions will be granted in regard to farm land needed by Jewish-owned factories and land surrounding Jewish homes but this property must not exceed 2,000 square meters.

Jewish landowners whose property is expropriated will be paid three per cent annually of the value of the property as fixed by the government but will receive none of the principal. Jews failing to announce their property in time will not be granted this compensation.