Roosevelt Gets Bill to Register “ism” Groups; Senate Approves Defense Probe
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Roosevelt Gets Bill to Register “ism” Groups; Senate Approves Defense Probe

Congress today took action on two measures designed to strengthen U.S. defenses against totalitarian influences.

The House took final action on legislation which will compel the Communist Party and German American Bund to register as agents of foreign governments. The House adopted a conference report previously apposed by the Senate and sent the measure to the White House.

In the Senate, a voice vote gave Senator Wheeler (Dem. Mont.) authority to launch an investigation of the extent of foreign domination of U.S. defense industries.

Although not mentioning the Bund or other groups by name, the registration measure adopted today is admittedly aimed in that direction. If approved by the President, it will require registration with the Justice Department of all organizations subject to foreign control with details as to officers, membership financing and activities.

Wheeler s investigation was inspired by reports that German control over certain industries through patent and security holdings was hampering defense activities and that profits accruing to Nazi ownership were going to finance propaganda and other subversive activities in this country.

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