Nazis Drive Jews to Forced Labor Under Soviet Fire
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Nazis Drive Jews to Forced Labor Under Soviet Fire

Jews are being driven by the Nazi military authorities to do forced labor on the advanced positions on the Russo-Soviet front, it was reported today in the Angriff, organ of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

The Vcelkischer Beobachter, Hitler’s newspaper, carries pictures of Russian Jews seized by the Nazis. “Here is one of the Jewish mass-murderers”, reads a caption under one photograph.

The intensified anti-Jewish propaganda in the German press was given a new flourish today when Goebbels personally joined the chorus with a leading article featured on the front page of the weekly Das Reich. In his article, the Nazi Propaganda Minister attacks what he calls “the Jewish Chutzpah” and reviews the anti-Jewish position of the Nazi party.

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