Palestine Government Consults Jewish Bodies on New Labor Law
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Palestine Government Consults Jewish Bodies on New Labor Law

Representatives of Jewish labor and administrative bodies were summoned today by the Palestine Government to discuss the new labor ordinance, prohibiting strikes and lockouts, which is soon to be promulgated.

Three separate delegations, the first representing the Jewish Agency and the Vaad Leumi; another from the Histraduth, and the third from the Poale Mizrachi and the General Zionist Workers conferred with the government.

The ordinance as drafted is similar to the one now in force in England. It prohibits strikes and lockout except where the Palestine government decides not to intervene. In disputes where the Government decides to intervene, an arbitration committee consisting of three members, appointed by the High Commissioner, and one or two, each representing employees and employers, will decide the merits of the case. Their decision will be final, and is to be enforced without any appeal.

It was reported that the Palestine government has also extended an invitation to the Arab Workers Union to send representatives to discuss the ordinance.