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Jewish Institutions in Morocco Not Affected by Anti-jewish Law

The new anti-Jewish regulations put into effect in French Morocca make no change in the status of the recognised Jewish institutions or organizations or in the Protestorate’s unique “inspection system,” study of the full text of the decrees today revealed.

Under Sherifien law, all recognized Jewish bodies such as the Consistoire, the rabbinate, the schools, were subject to inspection by a Government official who was a Jew and was, in assault practice, intarrasduary between the authority and the Jewish community. A clause in the decree modifying the status of the Jews, makes it clear that this arrangement will not he altered.

The decrees give the authorities the right to order the internment of Jews in special camps for infractions of the new regulations as an alternative to imprisonment or the payment of a fine or bath. Sentences of fines, imprisonment-or-intemtment are provided for Jews who disregard the prohibitions of the new regulations and more severe punishment for those who seek to evade them by fraud on mispresentation.