American Ambassador Winant Eulogizes Brandeis at London Meeting
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American Ambassador Winant Eulogizes Brandeis at London Meeting

United States Ambassador John G. Winant, Zionist leaders and prominent British Jews joined today in paying tribute to the late Justice Louis D. Brandeis in a memorial meeting held here under the auspices of the Jewish Agency for Palestine.

Winant declared Brandeis was a “great Jew as well as a wise counsellor.” Dr. Chaim Weizmann praised Brandeis as “one of the staunchest friends of Great Britain and America whose counsel carried much weight in shaping American policy since the war. The Zionist President recalled that after the issuing of the White Paper Brandeis appealed to the Jewish people not to compromise and not to lose faith in the sense and justice of the British people.

David Ben-Gurion characterized the late jurist as a “unique figure in our life time. He has double greatness – he was a great Jew and a great American; while Disraeli, Lasalle and Trotsky were only great man and Herzl and others were only great Jews.”

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