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Rumanian Jews Ordered to Deliver Linen, Shirts, Blankets to the Army

Details of the order issued in Rumania forcing Jews to deliver part of their belongings to the army are reported here today in the Stockholm Tidningen, a Swedish newspaper. The order, according to the report, provides:

1. Jews with a small income who fall in the category of non-payers of income tax must deliver at least one shirt, one pair of pants, a pair of stockings, two handkerchiefs and one towel.

2. Jews of the wealthier groups, in addition to having their tax increased, must deliver bed linen, blankets and any other articles demanded. Should they not possess such articles, they must buy them.

Information reaching here from Rumania reveals that the ghetto sections in the annexed Soviet territory to which the Jews of Bessarabia and Eukovina are to be deported are all located east of the Bug river, in the Ukraine.