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100,000 Czech Jews Receive Order to Be Ready for Deportation to Poland

Czechoslovak government circles here today received information that 100,000 Jews in the Czech Protectorate have received orders to be ready for deportation to Nazi-held Poland.

The order provides that the deportees should prepare 14 pounds of luggage and leave the rest of their belongings behind. Their dwellings must be left in complete order, the order says.

More than 10,000 Jews have already been deported from Prague and other cities during the last fortnight, the report discloses. They were sent to the huge Jewish ghetto which the Nazis have established in Bialystock, Poland, and to the Pinsk swamps on the former Polish-Russian frontier which has now become Nazi-occupied territory. Many children have been separated from their parents and wives from their husbands as a result of the merciless deportation.