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Anti-jewish League in Denmark Urges Expulsion of All Jews

Continued propaganda “until the last Jew has been derisively and contemptuously expelled from Denmark and hounded down until he has no possibilities left on earth” is the policy announced by the newly-formed “Dansk Antijoedisk Liga” (Danish Anti-Jewish League) headed by the notorious anti-Semite, Aage Andersen. Andersen is at the same time leader of the “National Socialistisk Arbejderparti,” which collaborates closely with the German Nazi Party.

The Clausenist organ, “Faedrelandet,” reports that at the recent sixth anniversary of the foundation of the Danish Nazi Party, Andersen announced the formation of a “Ny Tid” information bureau and publishing house, which would distribute all over the country literature relating to the Jewish race and problems connected with it, as well as a Danish translation of “Mein Kampf.”

The Antijoedisk Liga is accepting members independently from the Danish Nazi Party, it was also reported by Andersen at the Nazi anniversary celebration.