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Hitler Keeps 8,000,000 Jews As Hostages for “jewish Behavior” in America, Britain

Asserting that 8,000,000 Jews have now come under Hitler’s control, the Nazi radio in Prague today announced that “they will be regarded as hostages for the anti-German war-mongering activity of the other half of world Jewry in Britain, the United States and elsewhere.”

The announcer, Col. Emanuel Moravac, declared that more severe measures against Jews are to be expected soon not only in the Reich and in Nazi-occupied territories, but also in Nazi-controlled countries such as Hungary, Rumania, Slovakia, Bulgaria and France.

Predicting that “the Jews will vanish from Europe like wolves,” the Nazi colonel expressed the hope that the entire world will follow Germany’s policy with regard to the Jews. “When the Fuehrer assumed power he only had to deal with 800,000 Jews as compared with the 8,000,000 who are now under his control; this will, however, not weaken his determination to eliminate all Jews from Europe,” the announcer stated.