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Mufti’s Nephew, 14 Other Arabs Arrested by Turkish Authorities for Pro-axis Espionage

The Moscow radio today reported that Jamal Husseini, nephew of the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem, and fourteen other Arabs who assisted the ex-Mufti in his pro-Axis activities in Iraq and Iran prior to his escape to Germany, are now being held in Turkey. “They have been arrested by the Turkish authorities on the charge of espionage on behalf of Germany,” the broadcast said.

Declaring that the Turkish authorities have decided to expel the nephew of the ex-Mufti and his collaborators, the Moscow radio added that the arrested Arabs were engaged in pro-Axis espionage activities not only in Turkey, but also in Iraq, Syria and Palestine. (A report yesterday from London stated that Jemal Husseini and nine more Palestinian Arabs who were siding the ex-Mufti in Arab countries prior to his escape to Germany, have secured permission from the British authorities to return to Palestine. British political leaders in London, to whom this information was credited, were reported as being astonished over the fact that other Arab leaders who collaborated with the ex-Mufti in his pro-Axis activities have also received permission to return to Palestine.)