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Nazis Warn Jews in Holland of “serious Consequences” if Anti-jewish Laws Are Violated

Prof. David E. Cohen and A. Ascher, the two outstanding leaders of the Jewish community in Amsterdam, were last week ordered to report to the Nazi occupation authorities where they were warned that “serious consequences” can be expected by the Jews of Holland if they “infringe upon the anti-Jewish regulations,” it was learned here today.

The “warning” was issued apparently in an attempt to frighten the Jews in Amsterdam from maintaining contact with the Dutch non-Jewish population which stubbornly continues to display its sympathy with the Jews. The Swiss newspaper Gazette de Lausanne reaching here today severely criticizes the Nazi measures against the Jews of Holland. Criticism is voiced by the paper especially against ordering the Jewish children to wear the yellow Mogen David. “Why bring these perfectly innocent little children of six years of age into the category of the persecuted Jews?” the Swiss paper asks.