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Hungarian Parliament Sanctions Expulsion of Jews from Army; Orders Them to Forced Labor

A law sanctioning the expulsion of all Jews from the armed forces in Hungary was adopted by the Hungarian parliament today, according to an announcement over the Budapest radio. The law provides that instead of serving in the army, Jews in Hungary must serve in labor battalions.

Simultaneously, a decree was promulgated today in Hungary providing that from August 1st on, no Jew can retain the job of superintendent in any building in the country, nor can he hold the job of janitor.

The Businessmen’s Association in Hungary today announced over the Budapest radio that it has become “judenrein” by expelling all Jewish members from its ranks. The Hungarian Tourist Society announced that it no longer desires to have Jews enter its offices.

A request that Jews in Hungary no longer be permitted to deal in foodstuffs was made at today’s session of the Hungarian parliament when the law sanctioning the expulsion of Jews from the army was adopted. Some of the anti-Semitic deputies also demanded that an order be issued prohibiting Jews from listening to any radio broadcast except those emanating from the Budapest radio station. No action was taken on these proposals.