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Paris Radio “explains” Why Yellow Badge Was Introduced for Jews in Occupied France

The opposition displayed by many Frenchmen in Paris to introduction of the yellow Mogen David for Jews in occupied France has prompted the Nazi authorities there to issue an “explanation” as to why this measure was taken.

The “explanation” was given over the Nazi-controlled Paris radio today in the form of a statement said to have been made by Andre Chaumet, vice-president of the Association of Anti-Jewish Journalists in France. “It is important,” the statement read, “that the public should really understand why the Jews were made to wear the yellow star. This is a gesture meaning: Hands off our country and on with our national revolution!”

A report reaching here today from Paris states that all Jewish students will soon be excluded from the Paris conservatory of music. At present, Jewish students are not permitted to participate in the competitions which the conservatory arranges, the report said.