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Non-jews in Paris Sent to Concentration Camps for Wearing Yellow Mogen David

“A certain number of non-Jews who were wearing the yellow Star of David for the purpose of displaying their sympathy with the Jews, have been sent to concentration camps,” it was officially announced in Paris today.

Simultaneously, it is reported today from Belgium that non-Jews wearing yellow Mogan David insignias to demonstrate their sympathy for Jews have been warned that “they will be confined in the Antwerp ghetto, where they will be forced to live for some time with real Jews.”

The warning was published in the pre-Nazi Antwerp newspaper Volk en Steat which added that “whoever stands by the Jews shall perish with them.” The pro-Nazi press in Belgium is especially indignant over the fact that certain stores in Brussels are selling Mogen Davids in the Belgian national colors, in protest against the “yellow badge law.”