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Young Brutal Nazi Appointed Dictator over All Jews in Occupied France

A young Nazi named Doncher has been appointed over lord in charge of the Jews in occupied France, according to a report released here today by the Free French.

“Even generals grovel in front of him,” the report says. “Doncher personally and arbitrarily decides on arrests, imprisonments, discharges from hospitals. His record contains a frightful number of brutalities and incredible baseness that unfortunately cannot be revealed without endangering his victims.”

The report also reveals how some of the Jewish internees at Compiegne were taken in chains to Paris. “Among the internees was Pierre Masse, one of the most prominent French lawyers and a former member of the Chamber of Deputies,” the report states. “The unfortunate prisoners got off at the Gare du Nord station, chained together in twos. There was just enough room between them so that they could carry their luggage. As it was nearly 8 P.M., the Jewish families who were waiting for them had been sent home by the police. As for the prisoners, they were neither released nor sent to the hospital in view of their ailing health. Instead they were sent on to the concentration camp in Drancy.”