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German Population Not Yet Informed of Roosevelt’s Warning on Nazi Atrocities

The population of Germany has not yet been informed of the statement issued last week by President Roosevelt to the Nazis warning of post-war reprisals for German atrocities against civilians in occupied countries, the Berlin correspondent of the Gotesborg Posten reports today. The Nazi censorship has prevented news of President Roosevelt’s message from reaching the public in the Reich even indirectly.

In a German broadcast to the Netherlands East Indies heard here today, Max Blokzijl, a Nazi broadcaster, admitted that the Dutch people continue to manifest active sympathy for the Jews. “If the people of the Netherlands seem to have taken a sudden fancy to the Jews and openly demonstrate their feelings for them, they do so far less from sympathy with the Jews than from the sheer pleasure they derive from annoying the Germans,” Blokzijl declared in an attempt to explain away the pro-Jewish demonstrations by the Hollanders.