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Danish Students Display Blue-white Colors, Sing “hatikvah” to Spite Nazi

An amazing demonstration of the failure of the Nazi campaign to arouse anti-Semitism among the people of conquered Denmark is related today by Danish circles here.

In the Danish town of Gjerlev during a traditional local students’ festival, the Danish youths in charge of the ceremonies not only invited Jewish students to participate in the festival but were blue-and-white caps – and the Danish girls were blue blouses and white skirts – to honor the Jewish national colors. A blue-and-white Jewish flag bearing a Mogen David was carried throughout the town in the students’ procession, side by side with the Danish flag. A place of honor was allotted to Jewish students on the platform from which the ceremonies took place. The proceedings terminated with the playing of Hatikvah and the Danish national anthem. Infuriated pro-Nazi groups and the Clausenist press described the festival as “an affair arranged by Jews with the aid of Danish Communists.”