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Paris University Forced by Nazis to Test “jewish” and “aryan” Blood

Quoting a Berlin broadcast, Swiss newspapers today report that for the first time a blood test was made in France to determine whether a man was a Jew or an “Aryan”.

The test was made on a Parisian who failed to register as a Jew and declared that he was not Jewish. He was taken to the Sorbonne University where one of the professors was ordered to make a “biological examination” of his blood. “The test established that the man had Jewish blood and he will therefore be placed on trial for violating the anti-Jewish laws,” the Berlin radio is reported as stating.

(The Medical Information Bureau of the New York Academy of Medicine, informed of the above report, commented: “It is extremely unlikely that such a test could ever be devised. In the light of present knowledge, the claim sounds preposterous, particularly since the term “Aryan’ is a propagandist and political concept rather than a biological one.”)