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Loud Speakers Announce Deportation of Jews from Yugoslav City

All Jews will be driven from the Yugoslavian town of Osijek, according to a public announcement over loud speakers by the Nazi occupational officials there that “the cleansing process has begun,” is reported in the Nazi press reaching here today from Belgrade.

Dispatches from Slovakia, appearing in the same papers, state that Sano Mach, Slovakian Minister of the Interior, who is in charge of all anti-Jewish measures, has announced that a delegation of “leading citizens” of the town of Tyrnau came to Bratislava to petition him to rid their city of Jews.

At the same time, the pro-Nazi press received here charges that Czechs living in Slovakia are cooperating with Jews in fomenting anti-Slovak activities. The newspapers suggest that Czechs be sent to the Protectorate “where they will learn discipline and begin to appreciate life in Slovakia.”