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Gestapo Raids Warsaw Synagogues; Seizes 2,000 Jews for Forced Labor

The Polish Government here received a report today from the underground movement in Warsaw that 2,000 Jews were seized by the Gestapo in synagogues in the ghetto during Rosh hashanah services and were transported from the synagogues directly to labor camps for forced labor.

In one synagogue, on Franciszkanska street, Gestapo officers drove all male worshippers into a neighboring yard, where trucks were awaiting the Jews. The officers then selected all able-bodied men, herded them into the trucks and carried them to an unknown destination. The families of the deported Jews have not received any word from them.

A spokesman of the Polish Government today declared that information received in London reveals that Hitler has decided to “dissolve” all Jewish ghettos in Poland by transferring the Jews from there to Nazi-held devastated Russian territory where they are to do forced labor.