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Protestant Church in France Endorses Protest Against Deportation of Jews

A statement endorsing the recent protest of Pastor Maro Boegner, President of the National Council of the Reformed Church in France, has been issued by the Council, it is reported here today. The Council has ordered the statement to be read from the pulpit in all Protestant churches in France.

“The National Council of the Reformed Church of France,” the statement reads, “meeting for the first time since the application of measures against the Jews-among whom are many Christians – was informed of demarches which its president, in the name of the Federation of French Protestants, has made in writing and verbally to the highest State authorities. The Council associated itself fully with the president.

“The Reformed Church of France cannot remain silent before the suffering of thousands of human beings who have received asylum on our soil,” the statement continues. “The Christian Church would have lost its soul and reason for existence if it did not maintain divine law above human contingencies.”