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Jewish Religious Leaders in America Urged to Eschew Partisanship

A call to Jewish religious leaders to stand together and “to sacrifice personal pride and interest for the common good” was issued here by Adolph Rosenberg, chairman of the executive board of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, following the all-day session of the board on Sunday at which the activities of the Union for the past six months were reviewed.

“Religion today has a great responsibility; and the part which it will play in the peace that is to come will be a test of its validity and power in influencing human life,” Mr. Rosenberg stated. “This is a time when religious leaders must stand closely together in preserving for mankind the religious interpretation of life. We must be careful not to permit our ranks to be split by lesser issues. These times do not call for passion and emotion, but for calmness and intelligence. Leadership must be ready to sacrifice personal pride and interest for the common good.

” Wise leadership must recognize the great stresses and strains in the present world situation, and must strive to understand the impulses and the needs which urge various groups to specific action. Violent partisanship must be eschewed in favor of statesmanship of the highest order. Let us, therefore, strive mightily for peace and understanding,” the statement concluded.