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Soviet Government Releases Zionist Editor; Fifty Jewish Refugee Writers Ask Aid

Dr. Reuben Rubinstein, one of the Zionist leaders in Lithuania and editor of the Zionist daily “Die Shtime”in Kaunas, who was arrested by Soviet authorities when they governed Lithuania prior to the German-Russian war is now free, and safe in the city of Tashkent, according to reliable in formation reaching here today.

Dr. Rubinstein and other Jewish writers from Lithuania and Poland now in Soviet Turkestan were given permission by the Russian authorities in Tashkent to cable an appeal to Jewish relief organizations abroad asking for urgent relief for fifty Jewish refugee writers now in Tashkent. It is understood that a Jewish committee in Palestine replied to his appeal by cabling Dr. Rubinstein that arrangements are being made to send food parcels and other aid. Among the Jewish refugee writers now in Tashkent are Noah Prilutzki, N. Schwalbe and Moshe Broderson.