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Mass-suicides of Jews in Norway, Quisling Government Declares All Jews Bankrupt

Mass-suicides of Jews in Norway are reported today from Oslo together with the news that the Quisling Government has declared all Norwegian Jews bankrupt after confiscating their property.

Among those who attempted to commit suicide is Prof, Jarosi of Oslo University who is being held in an internment camp. The Jewish professor took poison, but was taken to a hospital where antidotes were administered.

The Quisling press reaching here today from Oslo carries further lists of Jews whose property has been expropriated by the State. The lists reveal that personal property was taken from even the poorest Jews, including Jewish refugees who were quartered in Nansen homes and lived on relief.

In announcing that all Jews are considered bankrupt by the Ministry of Finance, the Quisling newspapers report that special receivers will be named by the Norwegian administration to liquidate all Jewish firms and property which the government has confiscated.