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Anti-semitic Party in South Africa Demands Restrictions on Jews in Commerce

Members of the anti-Semitic Nationalist Party in South Africa served notice in Parliament that they intend to introduce a bill urging the limitation of Jews in trade, industry and in the professions to a certain quote.

The Nationalist Party, which is accused of pro-Nazi sympathies, is attempting to obstruct the government war effort which is fully supported by the Jewish population. The Government, however, has a clear working majority above all opposition groups, which guarantees an effective control of the situation.

The contribution of the Jews in South Africa to the Allied war effort was lauded here today by a number of non-Jewish speakers addressing a meeting called by the Jewish committee to aid Russia. Prof. R. F. Ahoernle of the Witwatersrand University, who was among the principal speakers at the gathering, emphasized that the Jews of South Africa are “a great asset to the country” and play a decisive part in the war effort. Messages of greetings were received from members of the South African Government and from Mrs. Churchill.