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Disturbances Predicted in Palestine if Arab-jewish Problem is Not Solved Soon

Unless some kind of a settlement between Jews and Arabs in Palestine is reached soon, serious disturbances may be expected there, it is predicted by Sir Ronald Storrs, former governor of Jerusalem, in an article sent from Palestine to the Sunday Times here.

“It is disquietingly rumored that both sides hold considerable quantities of armament,” Sir Ronald writes. He points out that the problem of establishing Palestine as a bi-national state must be solved quickly, otherwise the coming of world peace “may open the shooting season” in Palestine. He attacks the Histadruth for encouraging Arab workers to demand higher wages “while Jews refuse employment to Arabs.”

Pointing out that the trouble in Palestine may start as early as next year when Jewish immigration will be stopped under the provisions of the White Paper, the former governor of Jerusalem says that while the Jews insist that the White Paper must be replaced by a more favorable document, the Arabs now regard the White Paper as their charter and are fully supported in this contention by Egypt and Iraq.