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Norwegian Government Moves to Have 1,500 Deported Jews Declared Bankrupt

One of the largest mass bankruptcy proceedings ever known in the Scandanavian penninsula will be instituted in the Norwegian courts soon, when the authorities will petition to have 1,500 Norwegian Jews declared bankrupt, the Stockholm daily, Dagens Nyheter, reports.

These Jews, who are now in Norwegian or German concentration camps, have been stripped of both their property and citizenship by the Quisling Government. It is believed that the bankruptcy proceedings are part of a move by the pro-Nazi government to legalize its expropriation of Jewish-owned assets. Most enterprises belonging to Jews are now being administered by Nazi lawyers and members of the Hird, the Quisling storm troop organization, the Dagens Nyheter states. It adds that the amount of confiscated property is less than had been expected, since many of the Jews were penniless refugees.