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Press in Rumania Starts Campaign to Counteract Pro-jewish Sentiments

Attempting to counteract the feeling prevailing in many non-Jewish circles in Rumania that anti-Jewish persecutions must be stopped as an indirect concession to the United Nations, Nazi-financed Rumanian newspapers this week renewed their campaign against the Jews demanding that “not a single Jew be allowed to remain in Europe.”

The Porunca Vremii, organ of the anti-Semitic Iron Guards, which has set the keynote for the campaign, writes that “the only possible solution of the Jewish problem is the expulsion of the last Jew from the European continent.” Other papers carry articles in a similar vein assuring their readers that there will be no Jews left in Europe “regardless of the outcome of the war.” The articles in these papers try to present a picture of “increased anti-Semitism” throughout the world and attempt, to give their readers the impression that anti-Jewish feelings are gaining ground in Anglo-Saxon countries.