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Quarter of a Million Jews Sent from Warsaw Ghetto to Execution Camp in Two Months

Statistics revealing how the Warsaw ghetto was cleared of nearly a quarter of a million Jews in a two-month period last Summer were made public here today by the Polish Government, on the basis of official German figures obtained from Nazi newspapers and governmental reports.

Mass-deportations began last July 22, the Polish Government said, adding that by the end of July, 56,089 Jews had been sent to the Treblinka “death camp” where it is assumed most of them were executed. In August, 135,120 were sent to Treblinka, while from September 1 to September 12 another 51,969 were taken to the execution center.

During August, the report discloses, only 45.6 percent of the deaths among the Jews in the ghetto were from natural causes. Fifty-one percent resulted from executions and 3.4 percent were suicides. During the first half of September an average of 198 Jews were shot daily, the report adds. This total fell to twelve daily in the latter half of the month.