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Nazis Use Polish Jews for Experiments on New Methods of Artificial Impregnation

Nazi medical authorities are now using Jewish men and women in Poland for experiments on various methods of artificial impregnation, sterilization and castration, the Polish Telegraphic Agency reported today.

The report said that an experimental station of the Berlin Institute of Hygiene has been established by the Nazis in one of the barracks of the notorious concentration camp at Oswiecim and experiments have been started on 200 Jewish men and 25 Jewish women. The same report states that sick prisoners in the Oswiecim camp are being killed by the Nazis through injections of methylated spirits.

The Polish clandestine radio station SWIT today reported that fearing post-war consequences, Nazi officials in occupied Poland are now ordering the disinterment and the burning of bodies of murdered Jews and Poles in order to destroy all traces of massacres.