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Nationalist Candidates for South African Parliament Attack Jews

Nationalist candidates seeking seats in Parliament in the forthcoming general elections, which are to be held on July 7, are indulging in open anti-Semitic agitation.

Dr. F. Mallon, leader of the Herenigde (Nationalist) Party, speaking here, reproached immigrant Jews for “rushing to become naturalized,” and, therefore, his chances of getting elected. At the same time he complained that “if he had Jewish money backing him,” he would certainly be elected. Mallon also warned his listeners that “unless we get a new government, the Jews will see to it that they do not pay for the war.”

Another notorious anti-Semite, Eric Louw, who is running for re-election to Parliament, stated that if the Nationalists came to power they would introduce a “Jewish quota” and other restrictions against Jews in the trades and professions.