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Nazis Deport 30,000 Jews from Rowno; Leave Only One Ghetto in Wolhynia

A report from Nazi-held Poland reaching here today discloses that 30,000 Jews have been deported from the city of Rowno, Wolhynia, to an unknown destination, after having been confined in two ghettos for many months. The only ghetto remaining in the province of Wolhynia is located in the township of Warkowicze, near Dubno, the report said.

German newspapers reaching here today report that the Nazi occupation authorities have brought many Germans from the Reich to Rowno and given them all the Jewish enterprises there. Though Rowno was part of Poland prior to the outbreak of the war, the Nazi authorities declared the city to be a section of the Ukraine. They also permitted the establishment there of the Ukrainian Textile Trading Company, as a shareholding corporation with a capital of 1,000,000 karbovanez, to trade in textiles. A German corporation with a capital of 20,000 marks has been established there to handle Ukrainian tobacco.