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Congress of Nazi Journalists Told to Intensify Anti-jewish Propaganda in Press

Nazi newspapers reaching here today from Germany carry the texts of violent anti-Jewish addresses delivered by high Nazi officials before a so-called International Congress of Journalists which is now taking place in Vienna.

The delegates, all of whom are from the Reich and the Axis countries, also heard an address against Zionism delivered by an Arab, Oubia el-Hashem, who called for the “utter defeat of the Anglo-Saxons.”

Dr. Dietrich, Nazi press chief in Berlin, addressing the gathering, repeated the usual anti-Jewish diatribes and dwelt at great length on the “Jewish influence in the lands of Germany’s enemies.” He called on the delegates to intensify their anti-Jewish propaganda and to help in the “destruction of the Jews.” Other speakers included a number of officials from Goebeels’ Ministry of Propaganda as well as editors of Berlin and Vienna newspapers.