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Rumania Takes Census of All Jews in Cernauti; Issues New Anti-jewish Restrictions

A census of all the 13,000 Jews in Cernauti, capital of Bukovina, was taken yesterday by the Rumanian authorities at the same time that they proclaimed new anti-Jewish restrictions.

The new restrictions provide that Jews can only leave their homes for three hours daily. On Sundays they are not permitted to appear in the streets at all, while on Saturdays they must not be in the streets after 1 P.M. They are not allowed to seek any employment without first securing a special permit from the local authorities, and under no circumstances can they apply for well-paid work.

The new restrictions will force most of the 13,000 Cernauti Jews to rely on the local Jewish institutions for subsistence. These organizations, however, are hardly in a position to offer any aid since they have no funds to maintain their activities.