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De Kerrilis Attempts to Link Degaullists with Abrogation of Cremieux Law

Writing in the French weekly, “Pour La Victoire,” today, Henri de Kerillis, former French deputy and writer, attempts to link the DeGaullist movement with the anti-Semitic sections of the Algerian population and implies that the DeGaullists were responsible for the abrogation of the Cremieux Law by General Giraud, which took French citizenship from Algerian Jews.

“As to anti-Semitism,” (among the DeGaullists), De Kerillis writes, “if it is not apparent in London and New York, it manifests itself in Algiers in the sudden meeting of Gaullism and an anti-Semitic French population. There is an example in the attitude suddenly taken towards the Cremieux Law, which the Gaullists no longer want, or the enforcement of which they have, at all events, delayed two months, after having used it in America as the war-cry of their propaganda against Giraud…”