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German Soldier Tells of Nazi Method of Mass-gassing Jewish Children in Belgium

Inbel, news agency of the Belgian Government-in-Exile, today released a report containing the testimony of a German soldier who witnessed the mass-gassing of Jewish children in occupied Belgium by the Nazi authorities.

The soldier who gave his testimony to his Belgian landlady, was later arrested by the Gestapo. His statement reads: “I cannot bear it any longer. For weeks now I have been present at the most horrible scene imaginable. I work at Brasschaet, near Antwerp, and at regular intervals I see very young Jewish children massacred there. They are assembled in a nice room and given everything they could want: sweets, and toys of all kinds. But in the evening gas in introduced into the room, and in a few minutes all these innocents are dead. Afterwards you find them in the same attitudes in which they were when you left them. They still appear to be laughing, eating or playing, but they are all dead. I do not feel equal to going to Brasschaet any longer.”