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Prominent Political, Clerical Figures Ask Abolishment of Hungarian Anti-jewish Laws

A wide-spread campaign to secure the abolishment of the anti-Jewish laws in Hungary is gaining headway and is enlisting the support of influential political figures, according to information received here today.

At a meeting of the agricultural section of the “Small Holders Party” this week, the group’s president, Ferenc Nagy, attacked “attempts against the purest humanitarian idea of freedom by branding every man uttering words of freedom ‘Democracy’s Jewish Hireling.'” He said that “measures taken to solve the Jewish question have violated our Christian feelings” and demanded the abolition of all legislation discriminating against any Hungarian citizens.

Prominent religious leaders, headed by the Catholic churchman, Father Varga, and the Protestant pastor, Tildy, have begun to campaign for annulment of anti-Semitic legislation. They have declared publicly that “if Hungary wishes to be considered a Christian state, it must not discriminate among its citizens.”