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German Dive Bombers Attack Boats Carrying Jews Fleeing Italy

German dive bombers frustrated attempts by Jewish refugees in Italy to flee by sea to Allied ports, the Deutsche Nachrichten Bureau, a German news agency, reported today.

A reliable report reaching here today from France confirms the news that Raoul Lambert and Andre Baur, two leaders of the Jews in France, have been arrested. Lambert is held in Marseilles prison and Baur has been sent to the Drancy camp near Paris. Jewish circles in Switzerland fear that both will be deported to Nazi-held territories.

It was reported here today from Upper Silesia that the majority of Jews who were brought there from Western-European countries for forced labor in German mines and factories, have been transported to the industrial city of Zawiercie in Poland and executed in a suburb there, Some Jews, however, are still in Silesia, four hundred of them working as tailors in German military factories in Bendzin.