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Jews in “death Camp” Revolt, Set Fire to Execution Chambers and Barracks

Jewish prisoners in the notorious Treblinka concentration camp in Poland revolted in August, setting fire to barracks and other buildings and also to the gas chambers in which thousands of Jews have been executed according to a report reaching the Polish Government-in-Exile here today. The report does not give any further details.

Reports reaching here in the past year from underground sources in Poland have indicated that the Treblinka camp has become the chief execution center for the Jews in Poland. As the Polish ghettos were liquidated by the Germans, the residents were, in many cases, sent to Treblinka. According to one report it is the most modern and efficient execution center erected by the Nazis, with facilities, the Germans have boasted, for murdering 5,000 persons a day in the gas and steam chambers.

The illegal Polish radio SWIT was heard here today broadcasting an appeal to Poles to assist the Jews fleeing from ghettos and concentration camps. The broadcaster urged the Poles to feed and shelter the fugitives in order to prevent their apprehension by the Nazis.