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Sons of King Ibn Saud Welcomed to Washington As Guests of U.S. Government

Prince Feisal, foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, and his brother, Prince Khalid, the sons of King Ibn Saud, have arrived here as the guests of the U.S. Government and will remain in Washington for four days during which they will confer with President Roosevelt and high officials of the State Department. They were greeted upon their arrival by Adolf A. Berle, Jr., Assistant Secretary of State.

While the question of Arab-Jewish relations in Palestine may be touched upon during the discussions with the Arab dignitaries, it is understood that Feisal will not be approached by Zionist leaders in America unless the State Department takes the initiative of arranging a meeting between the Arab princes and representatives of the Zionist movement here. It is also understood that the Arabian delegation is not expected to make any anti-Zionist statements during its stay in the United States.

From Washington the two members of the Arabian royal family will proceed to New York where they will spend four days prior to their departure for Arizona to study irrigation methods there with a view of applying them to Saudi Arabia whose climatic conditions are similar to those of Arizona. After a stay of about two months in the United States, Feisal and his entourage will leave for London, it was stated here today.