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French War Prisoner Describes Mass Execution of Jews in Poland by Nazis

The mass executions of hundreds of Jews from Germany and Nazi-occupied countries in a public square in the city of Tarnopol, in the Ukraine, was described here today by a young French war prisoner who recently succeeded in escaping to Sweden from a German prison camp in Prussia.

The Frenchman, who had been confined in a camp near Tarnopol until recently, said that on several occasions he had seen large transports of Jews unloaded from freight cars and lines up in a square where they were machine-gunned. He added that he had also seen Jews shot at random on the streets of Tarnopol.

A dispatch by the Danish Press Service published in the newspaper Aftonbladet today states that ten percent of the Danish Jews deported to Germany are being utilized for forced labor in German war industries while the others have been deported to Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia.