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French Guerrilla Band Frees Jews from Concentration Camp; Arrests of Jews Continue

A detachment of French “Maquillards” (partisan bands who derive their name from the fact that they operate in the brush country) recently attacked the Gurs concentration camp, where thousands of Jews are confined, and liberated many of them, it is reliably reported here today.

The report says that the guerrilla detachment overpowered the Mobile Guards and Nazi troops with which the camp was garrisoned and disarmed them. All prisoners who signified their willingness to join the Maquillards were released and went with the guerrillas. The Jews who remained in the camp were punished severely by the Nazis who charged them with responsibility for the raid, the report adds.

It is also reported that mass round-ups of Jews are continuing throughout France, In the cities of Montpellier, Perpignan, Nice and in the departments of Savoy and Haute Savoie, several thousand French, Hungarian and Polish Jews have been arrested in recent weeks. Most of this territory was formerly held by Italian troops.