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Germans Deport Last Jews from Danish Concentration Camp; Destination Unknown

The last group of Danish Jews interned by the German authorities in the Horserod camp in Denmark were deported yesterday to an unknown destination, it is reported today in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

The group, which included children of three and five, was placed on a train. The deportees were given permission to take along with them food for four days. Persons married to Jews were also included in the transport.

Dr. Joseph Davidsohn, prominent Danish Jew who lectured in the universities of Aarhus and Copenhagen, was found dead in the Gioskogen forest, the Dagens Nyheter also reports. The body of his wife was also discovered in the woods. It is believed that the two bodies had been lying in the forest for about two months. Both Dr. Davidsohn and his wife were members of the board of directors of a Danish insurance company. It is obvious that they tried to escape deportation by hiding in the woods in the hope of eventually reaching Sweden, the newspaper states.