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Lebanon Reported Agreed on Arab Unity Scheme As Federation Talks Are Resumed

A Lebanese delegation and Premier Nahas Pasha of Egypt have come to “a general agreement” on the question of Arab unity, it was announced here today in an official communique issued at the conclusion of the first talks between Riad el Sohl, Lebanese premier, and Nahas Pasha. The talk marked the resumption of Arab unity conferences which have been proceeding here for several months between the Egyptian prime minister and representatives of the various Arab states in the Middle East.

Adherence of Lebanon-a predominantly Christian state-to the unity project is considered of great importance, since it is likely that the basis for any pan-Arab federation would be a closer relationship on a regional basis of Syria, Lebanon and Transjordan, possibly with Palestine and Iraq also joining. According to available reports Syria and Iraq have already reached an understanding concerning unity within the framework of an Arab union at talks just completed in Baghdad. Saudi Arabi still remains the big question mark in the projected pan-Arab federation. Ibn Saud has virtually withdrawn from the conferences being held here.